Rusi B. Gimi — Application denied

About a month ago our government official suggested that we apply for the Rusi B. Gimi Award for our NGO.  We had 48 hours to do this.  Well, I had 48 hours to do this.  I needed to write about our contribution to society and I created a piece that I knew represented the best of what we had accomplished to date. I also knew I needed something like this, whether for an award or not.

Our instructions were that it be on one page, of half foolscap size.  (I was clueless.)  Wikepedia showed that this was a size related to a watermark that went back 400 years to European paper production.  I could not find foolscap anywhere.  Finally I found paper just half an inch wider than required, so I thought I’d solved the problem, but IT WOULD NOT FIT IN MY PRINTER.

Here is a picture of me cutting the edge of the paper so it would go in my printer.  Img_4455

Remember, one of my goals here is to learn what it takes to open an orphanage in Kolkata.

I learned a few days later that our application didn’t make it through the department of Social Welfare and was rejected by the same person who has held up our license before.  It’s to be expected.  But, the report is one I’m proud of.  I have not figured out blog mechanics.  One day one of our visitors will help me,  But for now you can see it on the Asha for education website that lists Shishur Sevay as a project of Central NJ ASHA for Education:  I’m sure there is a way to put this, and the general ASHA project listing in the margin.  My technical skills still run closer to cutting paper margins on the floor with a straight edge razor.


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March 2008
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