People who help us…

The school assignment was "People who help us" and the girls had to dress and act the parts of various people who help us in the community.  The pictures are from the practice, dress rehearsal the evening before as we could not be there for the performance.  Actually this was part of the year- end examinations so they were graded.  I present "People who help us" as played by girls at Shishur Sevay.

Img_4657_2 Img_4658 Img_4662 Img_4667 Img_4670 Img_4671 Img_4675

Img_4676 Img_4681 Img_4682 Img_4687 Img_4696

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  1. Desiree
    Apr 12, 2008 @ 10:34:51

    Beautiful Michelle! It is so wonderful to see photos of your girls and all that you have done with them. All that they and you have accomplished.


  2. Michelle
    Apr 12, 2008 @ 17:08:29

    Thank you desiree. In a way it seems so simple — give them a safe place to grow. And in so many ways, they are just so normal!!! We are a happy bunch. come visit!


  3. Soneel
    May 08, 2008 @ 13:52:01

    Its absolutely touchy..Wish u all the best.. Good Luck


  4. Leslie Rogness
    May 20, 2008 @ 10:17:22

    Hi Michelle,
    I’m very excited to visit Kolkata next month with my kids. We want to come visit you and meet all your girls. It will probably be June 24th or 25th. We would like to bring each of them a few goodies. Are there things in particular that might be good to bring or much needed? I do have an assortment of shampoo, lotions, deoderant, etc…that I have collected. Are there a total of 12 girls? If I knew their sizes I might bring them all Disney T-Shirts since my daughter works at the Disney store and can get a great deal. Where exactly are you located? We are staying at the Fairlawn. Is there one day that is better then another for visiting? What hours are they in school?
    Sorry for all the questions! Oh, by the way, the puppy is very cute! Look forwqard to hearing from you soon.
    I just heard Judi Kloper will be in India at the end of June. I need to e-mail her to find out where she’ll be.


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