Sometimes I’m really tired


 The things that really wear me out:

My printer has spilled ink all over its base.  I put in a new cartridge and it seems to have spilled.  A red light blinks.  The printer doesn’t print.  It is an HP Inkjet.  I bought it here on 5th June, 2007.  Therefore it is 11 days out of warranty.  I buy new cartridges all the time — not refills.

My laptop died about a month ago — needs a new motherboard.  I was able to take out the hard drive and put it in a casing.  I’m using an older laptop from the US.  I had it here but when it broke I had to find ways to get it to US as NO ONE will repair a computer if not from India.  The trouble is a friend tried to upload Explorer 7 and it loaded with an error I can’t get rid of.  It’s a standard error and there are pages of references about it online so it must be a common, and unfixable problem.  So I have to work around that. 

My virus program expired so I got a security program which included virus (the same brand).  I loaded the software but the key won’t work.  I get error messages.  I sent them to the help desk.  They tell me to do things i already tried, and which don’t work.  So, I”ve spent the money buying it online.  I can’t get it to work.  Within the next seven days I MUST do something because the trial is running out for the one I bought.  That will take another day… a day when it feels like all I got done was to fix or play with the computer.

ON THE OTHER HAND… some very good things are happening.  Today we started English lessons for the massis.  They are so happy!  It will be 45 min a day, mid morning, when  other things can be put on hold, and before any kids come home.  The English teacher who teaches the children will teach them.  I really want this place to be good for everyone.  I finally have a very good team and last week I raised their salaries.  Sunday one of them brought her granddaughter for the day and will do so again.  For those with children and grandchildren, I help with school.  This is how I’d always imagined it.



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  1. sudipta
    Nov 24, 2009 @ 20:47:59

    Maám I really want to speak to you and visit your place. Please email me your contact details at or contact me at 9330557601. Regards, Sudipta


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