Cerebral Palsy on You Tube

I've uploaded two videos of Ganga to You Tube.  I included a tag for cerebral palsy.  That's connecting us to a lot of information about CP.

This seems to work.

We are fine but there are lots of staff changes.  The girls are good.  So am I, but not a lot of time for reflection these days. 


We have a new Special Educator, so our girls with disabilities are now in class (in some form) from 9-5.  I love the sounds coming from their classroom.

Rani was tired this afternoon.  So she went to where the pillows are stacked, reached up and took one of her favorites, then promptly lay down to sleep.  Ganga began laughing and laughing — then the whole staff was laughing.  One day I got really mad at Rani and yelled at her to stop pretending she is stupid.


Actually, all our bedding and pillows are kept in what used to be Rani's crib.  But it's been months since we needed it for her so now it is for storage. It's a sign of how much she has changed.  She still has us pretty organized to meet her needs.  Last year the refrigerator and freezer were opened all day long as kids and staff put in and took out water. So this year I said we would all do without cold water.  It's working fine, except for Rani.  She will only drink cold water.

I'll catch up on education thoughts… that's the challenge here, and I think we are on a better track.  As they say about almost everything here, "We'll see…"





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