Twelve Measures of Success – 1. COMPASSION

I’m working on a website for Shishur Sevay.   I’m trying out words and ideas, thinking about what we are doing and how best to communicate.  So I’ll use this blog to try out ideas and content, pictures… and I’m happy for feedback.

I was asking myself how I want to measure success.    So I came up with a list of what I thought important, and here it is, in alphabetical order.

Twelve  Girls

Twelve Measures of Success


      I.      Compassion

    II.      Confidence

   III.      Curiosity

   IV.      Discipline

      V.      Education

   VI.      Health

VII.      Heritage

VIII.      Love

 IX.      Respect

   X.      Responsibility

   XI.      Security

 XII.      Vision


Softly blowing where the blood test had been taken

The girls arrived in February 2007.  One girl came with Malaria, and high fevers that had us cooling her body night after night.  We took blood tests which confirmed the diagnosis, and started her on a full course of medicine.  The day she had her blood tests, and came home, I saw the following:


The girls were used to taking care of her, as she had been suffering in the institution.  It was their job to bring her meals when she was not well enough to go to the lunch room.


Happy kids

We were humbled.  We didn’t need to teach them.  This compassion has not wavered.  Children living on the streets alone learn to take care of each other.  The girls have compassion.  They came with it.  We didn’t have to do anything, except to just let them be themselves and let them know always how proud we were.


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  1. Christine Braen Futia
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 21:23:38

    Their compassion has always been astounding. These early photos are precious.


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