Civil Disobedience in the Park: Over Before it Began

I went to the park this afternoon just to put in an appearance and to reassure my childcare workers,  but the conflict had already been resolved.  There had been some meetings in the background, leading to the Councilor sending a message that we could use the park, but we would be responsible if anything were to break.  I refused.  I told the “messenger,” a local goonda, that no one else had to do this, and that this had become a white skin/money issue.  I sent him away.  Bijoy went back to the Councilor’s office and came back with the issue resolved.  If something broke, many people would be involved.  The councilor also added that no one should be harassing us as this was her domain, and if anyone had questions to just go to her.  Bijoy brokered peace in his own quiet way.  I’ve learned though that you can’t negotiate from a weak position.

It was a great afternoon for a photoshoot of large people on play equipment.

The complaint had been that this duo of childcare worker and child was too much for the swing.

The fragile link

Four Boys on the Back of the Swing seems to be OK

The self-appointed park keepers kept their eyes OFF us -- didn't seem to even notice we were there

These ladies took turns sitting on the swing, three at a time.

Big Boys just having a good time on see-saws.

Mother and Child on Swing

Yesterday we were told that no one over 14 could use the play equipment. I wonder who "carded" this guy.

Well, it really was a nice afternoon in the park. 

As parks are meant to be

Kites in the stormy sky

Building the Puja Pandal in the park

This year’s Durga Puja Pandal is very small, unlike the extravagant ones of the past years.  But this year the “Club” spent its money building a clubhouse, a place for gathering, table tennis — lots of activities, for boys only.  I don’t know that there is a sign saying that, but I’ve never heard of girls taking part.  Maybe I should go and talk to the lady councilor.  She isn’t actually the councilor of our Ward, as the split is on the road between us and the park. I wonder if she would be interested in girls’ sports.  On the other hand, I have enough on my plate right now, and so do the girls. 
I’m glad this problem was resolved.  I know my family in the US is relieved.  They worry about me, but if I don’t tell them what is going on they worry more.  Smart kids.

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