I Want An Airplane

In the beginning is the vision, and then the drawing, carvings,  and then the words.  I want an airplane.  There!  I’ve said it.  Maybe one day it will happen, but first I had to say it.

I want an airplane so we can all get on the plane and visit the people we know and miss in other parts of the world.  This morning we were sitting and talking about Maggie’s leaving for the US.  One of the big girls wants to go to the US.  She whispered to Ganga, “Tell Mummy we want to go to the US.”  Ganga who cannot speak has become their messenger.

Sunday morning, Mummy and the kids

So I told the girls I want an airplane. One of the girls said she was afraid of airplanes and I told her about the “happy pills” I gave to Cici when she was afraid.  Actually I think about airplanes a lot.  I want to visit the US and stay at Heather and Andrei’s new vacation house in the Poconos.  It’s big enough for all of us.  Remember we live in 1200 sq. ft. here.

My daughter’s house in the Poconos. I know we could all fit.

I want to take the girls to New York, to hear Cici’s band play.  I want them to run in the grass of Central Park, and visit the petting zoo of Prospect Park with Victoria.  I want to take them to the beach.  I want to visit all the people who visited us here.  We think about them, talk about them, miss them.  Maggie we want to see you.

I want to take the girls to Perth Australia to visit our new friends there from Curtin University.  We just had an amazing visit with them, and the work they started energized us more.  And I want to fly from Perth to the East of Australia across the most beautiful land and color formations I’ve ever seen.  I’ve not seen much of India either.  Neither have my kids, any of them.

Whenever I see someplace beautiful or interesting, I want the people close to me to share it.  I miss them more and just want to get home.  I always want to get home.   Many many years ago an astrologer friend said to me, “People don’t understand.  Your moon is in Saturn.  You want to be home.”  Cici, my younger daughter loves to tease me about being an “over-attached” mother.   There is some kind of irony in my now having children I love on both sides of the world.

Well, I’m a dreamer.  I have visions; I have wishes.  Some come true and some not.  I”m really fine if I can’t have an airplane.  I could settle for a flying carpet, big of course.

November 2012
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