Blogs Go Backwards

Blogs go backwards, so what i write first is read last — reminding me of novels where i read the end so i can relax through the story.  I write forward and I am read backwards.

Soon there wil be a website to explain more.

But in the moment of Now, I live in Kolkata, which used to be Calcutta.  I live in a small orphanage that started with a vision i had.  I live with 13 orphan girls, aged about 2-12.  The four youngest are severely handicapped, mostly with cerebral palsy.  The others are "normal" with their handicaps being social and educational.  These are all urgent problems so we try to do everything at once.

I sleep on the floor with the kids.  In the summer that is the coolest place.  In the winter we have cots, and lots of blankets.  Recently we had terrible monsoon flooding and so were were locked in for a week — me and 13 kids and i really enjoyed the time.  I’m not alone in terms of help — and in the flooding all my teachers came — anyone close enough to get here, got here.  And we were able to get food in.

The rain is gone for now… the kids are back to school… me and my ducklings walking to school

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July 2007
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