Mummy, Let’s take in the poor

Our children are wonderful.  We are in the midst of  monsoon flooding.  Kolkata is almost at a standstill.  We are waterlogged, not in the house, but just outside our steps.  The children have not gone out to their school, but our teachers here have all shown up, so it’s been a good week of learning.

Two teachers were talking about the flooding with each other.  The children overheard them.  They asked the teachers, “why can’t we bring them here?”  The teachers explained we didn’t have enough money to feed everyone.  So the girls came downstairs, en masse, and asked me if we could bring all the poor people here.  I said we couldn’t, but we would find a way to help poor people.  One of our founding principles was that the children would serve others less fortunate. 

Our girls don’t need to learn to serve, they just need the opportunity.  They had hard lives, and are happy about what they have now.  They have compassion and want to share.

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