Ganga Scolds the Dentist

This is the story I told to Ganga in preparation for her trip to the dentist today.  It is a story told in pictures.  It is part of a process or form of communication called AAC or Augmentative and Alternative Communication.  We are late in getting this started.  The children initially attended a school known for this expertise but for many reasons, mostly ones I do not understand, this was not being taught at their level. 

Ganga had to go to the dentist.  We had been there the week before and set this appt to actually do some work.  She had two blackened teeth, milk teeth, but they were in danger of infecting her gums too.  She has other work to be done, but this was a start.  So I told her this morning:

Ganga has a toothache  so Ganga goes to dentist

Ganga is afraid but she does not cry.

Ganga is happy, and Mummy is very proud.

Dentist visit

Ganga loved the story.  I took this sheet to the dentist and reminded her, and showed it to the dentist.  She was truly wonderful.  So was the dentist.  He worked on her with her on my lap.  I held her head still and she kept her eyes on me.  When it hurt, she yelled at the dentist!  She didn’t cry.  When he’d stop she would scold him, tell him how it felt.  Then she was good again when he worked on her.

I have begun a serious program in communication for all the children with disabilities, and the older girls are also enjoying talking through pictures.  Soon we will have posters all over the walls with different illustrations, simple line drawings, symbols we will all use.  I understand the process now.  I work at cutting and pasting on the computer to get the pictures done… and we now have books of pictures, of emotions, of getting ready for the day, of school, the park, clothing, playing, books, drawing, and of course food and water.

We are a happening place, with teachers all day long, working together, working with the older and younger kids.  The gov schools are closed until 15th June, so we also take time to go to the park, to play in the sand in the yard.  About a year ago I gave up on getting grass to grow so now it’s a big sand pit.  I brought in 40 bags of sand.  The kids love playing in it, sifting it to clean it, tumbling in it…. Rani loves patting it, and running it through her fingers while she sings.  Here is the latest picture of me:



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  1. Jenna Schrock
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 09:46:32

    The story is so good for kids. It’s easy to understand and the images used are awesome. I’m planning to share the same story to my daughter Ava who is scheduled to visit our dentist in LA. I’m sure she would be inspired in going to the dentist for the first time after learning the story.


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    Jun 06, 2011 @ 17:17:39

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  3. Dr. Michelle Harrison
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 07:14:57

    I really appreciate your comments. I’ve moved the blog to wordpress and in the process I’m going back over posts, so I came across both comments and just want to say they are appreciated.


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